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China Magnesium Corporation Limited

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Board of Directors

The Board comprises two executive Directors and one non-executive Director who jointly have a mix of technical, financial, commercial and international experience (including China) that the Board considers is appropriate for the current business activities of the Company.

Brief biographies for the Directors are set out below.

Thomas Blackhurst – Managing Director.

Managing Director since 4 May 2007. Mr Blackhurst co-founded the Company in May 2007 with Messrs Xinping Liang, Ming Li and Guicheng Jia.  He has more than 20 years experience in building new businesses and consulting to various businesses in Australia and Asia. Beginning his career in metals trading, he later embarked upon various other successful entrepreneurial ventures.

Xinping Liang BEng, MEng - Chief Operating Officer.

Executive director since 4 May 2007, Mr Liang is a Chinese engineer with more than 25 years of experience in international project and corporate development; mainly focussing on infrastructure assets, heavy industries, renewable energies such as solar and wind power and supporting technologies for those industries. He has extensive senior executive experience in project evaluation, financial analysis and project/business development for numerous private, public and state owned enterprises in Asia (particularly China and Singapore), Australia, Canada, USA and the UK.

Mr Liang grew up in Pingyao and introduced the Company to its Chinese joint venture partner in January 2007, which led to him co-founding the Company in May 2007 with Messrs. Blackhurst, Ming Li and Guicheng Jia. 

William Bass BEcon, CA, FCS, FTIA, FInstIB, MAICD, JP (Qual) Non-executive Chairman.

Independent non-executive director since 15 February 2010 and Chair since 10 March 2010. Mr Bass brings extensive experience in commercial and financial management with a range of leading Australian and international public companies.