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China Magnesium Corporation Limited

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Senior Management

Mr Guicheng Jia BEng - Director and General Manager of CMC China.

Mr Jia is a Chinese engineer based in China with more than 21 years experience in building, developing and operating businesses mainly focused on air conditioning engineering and resource related businesses such as cement, talc and magnesium. In 1996 he founded and was CEO of a successful cooling and air conditioning company which he continues to be involved in a leading, non-executive capacity.

Mr Jia is a business partner of Mr Liang and they have co-founded several companies based in Singapore and China. He also co-founded CMC in May 2007. He is currently a director of various Chinese companies including the CMC China, Beijing Energas (China) Technology Company Ltd (of which Mr Blackhurst and Mr Liang are also directors – see above) and various other companies involved in coal transportation and other businesses.

 Mr Linchong Sun BEng - Deputy General Manager of CMC China.

Mr Sun is a Chinese engineer based in China with more than 23 years experience in designing, constructing and operating several industry manufacturers including Luyuan Coking Plant and Luyuan Magnesium plant.

Mr Sun was a technician, construction head, construction engineer and deputy general manager of Gutao Construction Company. After this construction company, Mr Sun joined Pingyao Luyuan and was deputy plant manager and plant manager of Luyuan Coking plant during 1994-2006. Due to the development of the magnesium business, Mr Sun was the magnesium plant manager and is now the deputy General Manager in charge of the operation, production and maintenance of the existing Magnesium Plant.