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CMC Lithium

CMC announced in late January 2018, the satisfaction of all conditions and completion of funding for 60% of the lithium-tantalum exploration project at Greenbushes, WA. The joint venture partners, CMC and Ruike Electronics (HK) Co. Ltd, will commence exploration of the Greenbushes tenement as soon as practicable.

It is intended that spodumene concentrate, potentially from mines on these tenements, along with lithium bearing concentrates of lepidolite and petalite, and tantalum tailings, will be sent to CMC's plant in Pingyao for processing to Battery Grade (BG) LiCO3.

CMC has the rights to use patented technologies of Hubei Hui Li Metallurgical Technology Ltd (HHL) foreign purity BG LiCO3 production. HHL and it's parent company specialise in research and development of green metallurgical technologies and their industrial development. They have developed several patents and were awarded the National High-tech Enterprise award in 2012 and again in 2015.

Present BG LiCO3 production methods operate at high temperature, use expensive reagents and result in higher impurity levels in the final product. They yield a significantly lower (60% v 85%) recovery efficiency and also result in effluent discharge. HHL's technology produces no effluent and meets environmental protection emission standards.

Using the HHL technology, processing of the concentrates can be accomplished using existing plant equipment with only minor plant modification. It involves calcining the incoming concentrates with reagents before comminution and blending, to condition the material and present it in the most advantageous way for further downstream beneficiation. The acids used in leaching are inexpensive, result in lower impurity accumulation and zero effluent discharge, while yielding a significantly higher than industry standard recovery efficiency. Low concentration streams are reused within the plant and exhaust gas is desuphurised and demisted before discharge to atmosphere.

The planned output of this green technology plant is 5,000 tpa. The patented technology overcomes many of the shortcomings of existing extraction techniques, boosting the recovery efficiency to over 85%, at low cost, while achieving zero effluent discharge and meeting accredited emission standards.